Since March 16, when Supreme Decree No. 044-2020-PCM – «State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak» came into force – children, youth, adults, seniors and even our pets, we have been forced to stay at home, the purpose of which is to safeguard your health, that of others (especially the most vulnerable people), thus helping to minimize the spread of the virus. Regardless of whether you like it or NOT, whether or not it is the best measure for the country, the socioeconomic level or the political party to which you belong, the only truth is that EVERYONE must abide by the measure.


The Ministry of Health (MINSA), World Health Organization (WHO) and the media have given some basic recommendations to prevent contagion, the main one being «frequently wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.» ; But perhaps many of us are unaware that there is a significant number of families that do not have direct access to drinking water, and that, probably, the consumption of people who DO have it will increase during the quarantine period, giving way to eventual waste of such a VITAL resource for any human being.


However, it will NEVER be too late to improve or correct bad habits, no matter how small and minute they may seem. Here are some recommendations:


  • When washing your hands, properly turn off the tap while you are soaping up and turn it on again when you need to rinse. If you do not have a sink, use a container for personal cleaning, store that water and reuse it for the bathroom.
  • If you do not have to go out continuously, avoid washing your hands so often, if necessary, use alcohol gel.
  • Avoid showering more than twice a day and try to take short showers for a maximum of 7 minutes. While you’re lathering, shampooing, or in some cases using moisturizers, turn off the tap and turn it on when you need to rinse. In the same way, when you have to brush your teeth.
  • Avoid pulling the toilet spout more than 2 times.
  • Continuously check for water leaks in the pipes or if the taps need any maintenance or change. If there are any, preliminarily close the main valve to avoid leaks until a definitive solution is found. You could also try to solve it by watching some videos on YouTube, in case you have the necessary tools and patience.
  • If you are more than 03 people at home, try to wash clothes 2 times a week with the washing machine at almost its maximum capacity and not half empty. Otherwise, wash once a week.
  • If you use the sink or container (plastic tubs) to wash your clothes, try to reuse the water with which you rinsed, to use it in the next batch of clothes or in cleaning the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, etc.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables in a container with water to be able to reuse in cleaning or bathing. In the same way to wash dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • Avoid using several glasses to drink water, on the contrary you could use a tomatodo or use the same glass during the day.
  • Be careful about boiling the water until it evaporates, as you will need to boil the water again unnecessarily.
  • Be cautious when cleaning surfaces that we frequently come in contact with. It is enough to have a container with soap and water or preferably bleach, to soak or soak a cloth and clean the surfaces.
  • If you have any pets at home, put the necessary water in their container so they can drink and hydrate and avoid unnecessary spending. If you change it, reuse that water, which you had planned to dispose of, to water the gardens, plants or do cleaning.
  • Avoid bathing your pet 2 times a month, even more so in this quarantine, since they will not be outside for so long and when you return from taking him to relieve himself, wash his paws with a cloth, thus reducing the risk of any bacteria or virus entering home and keep your pet and your close circle healthy.


MAYBE these are not the only recommendations that exist, but by following at least ONE of them or the ones you have in mind and making these a routine, we would be collaborating with the care and helping you save money, by reducing the consumption that TODAY they wouldn’t hurt. With this we contribute to avoid the rationing of water to families that need it most. Albert Einstein once commented: “There is a motive force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will; and that’s what we need ”, so #tomateloenserio.