It is known that the current situation has generated certain uncertainty both in the business sector and personally.


 The companies chose to apply the “homeoffice” strategy, which consists of working remotely and distributed, allowing them to comply with the directive to stay at home while the mobility restrictions last, and thus, continuing with the performance of the company’s own tasks .


 WES has not been oblivious to this reality; After a few days have passed, the new normality is being installed and we are getting used to this new working method, we continue operating with the development of the projects. The management of work teams, which is an aspect that has been innovating to take advantage of technological tools and boost productivity and efficiency without neglecting the comfort and well-being of its employees.


 While it is true, the working conditions have changed, but the essence, energy and responsibility remain the same in the team. In WES, the intrinsic values ​​of the organization have prevailed, such as empathy with each collaborator, trying to understand the particular needs and the different realities and impacts.


On the other hand, efforts have been joined by the entire team to redefine lines of action in favor of improvement in work processes, continuous communication with the team, adaptation to the protocols required by their clients, among others, everything, so that In the near future, it will be translated for the benefit of our collaborators, clients, suppliers and therefore, the community in general.


Let us remember that what we are experiencing now is a complete demonstration that there are many things that are totally beyond our control and in that direction we must think and act, foresight, visionary and with the focus on our objectives.