We develop hydrogeochemical studies and provide solutions regarding water quality. These are carried out through physical-chemical characterization, identifying the water-rock interaction processes, for example: ionic exchange and precipitation; In addition, the mixing processes between waters of different origins (relating residence times, distance traveled, mineralogical characteristics of the geological environment), as well as effluents and discharges in the receiving body.

  • Geochemical characterization (static and kinetic tests) for ARD and LM prediction and cuttings separation.
  • Hydrogeochemical characterization to identify redox reactions, mixtures, rock-water interaction and other processes that influence water quality.
  • Dating of groundwater using 3H and 14C.
  • Determination of the origin of water and solutes (natural or anthropogenic) and transport processes, based on hydrogeochemical and isotopic analyses.
  • Application of hydrogeochemistry and isotopy for the study of geothermometry.
  • Identification and quantification of mixtures in groundwater and surface water.